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Authentic Signature Dishes

The following dishes appeal to customers looking for a taste of Authentic Chinese Cuisine.
No Substitution are available. Please notify your server of any allergies, as not all ingredients are listed.
Please inform your server of Spice-level requests : Mild, Medium, Hot, Sichuan Hot

spicy #2. Chili Shrimp
Shrimp is prepared whole in the shell. Served with a hearty and heated chili flavor. (Shelled or De-shelled)
spicy #4. Green Pepper and Onion Stir Fried Pork
Pork styled in the ways of Mongolia and Northern China.
#5. Gan- Bie Green Beans
Gan-Bie means to dry fry (no oil) in a wok. These green beans are given a Szechuan flavor treatment, then served as a perfect dish to be shared.
spicy #6. Wok Style Baby Boy-Choy
Can you stir fry veggies without soy sauce? Yes, yes you can! These baby wok-choy have the texture of being steamed with the flavor of a light sauce with a garlic sauce.
spicy #7. Ma-Po Tofu
Soft tofu in a spicy Szechuan peppercorn sauce is a favorite of locals and foreigners all over China. It is almost a soup like consistency, yet very filling.
spicy #9. Zi-Ran Beef
Beef stir fry with onions, jalapeƱos and Cumin spice for an unbelievable dish. Cumin spice is used heavily in western China (Gansu and Xinjiang provinces).
spicy #10. Parboiled Long-Lee Fish
One of the most popular and famous Sichuan dishes. Fish fillet is cooked in a savory broth then topped with spices, pepper, and hot chili oil.
spicy #11. Chili Long-Lee Fish
Long- lee white fish filleted and stir fried with chili and spices in a Sichuan style.
spicy #13. Calamari in Black Bean Sauce
Peppers and green onions round out the flavor profile in this authentic variation of cooked squid.
spicy #15. Chili Pepper Chicken
Battered and fried spicy chicken that explodes with chili and spice. Try this dish if you can handle the heat.
spicy #25. Parboiled Beef
Sliced beef cooked in a savory broth then topped with spices, pepper, and hot chili oil.
spicy #29. Chili Potatoes with Vinegar
A Zesty trio of sweet, sour & spicy makes these shredded potatoes more than just shredded potatoes!
spicy #30. Shredded Pork with Garlic Sauce
Traditional chinese dish originated from Sichuan province of China.